Scarlet Fox by Akela Victoire


 Scarlet Fox by Akela Victoire

This book cover was at least eight hours of work, and I enjoyed every minute it.  This was a real challenge folks, I only a picture of a body suit and I lot of hope that everything would work out to start with. And in the end, this book cover exceeded my expectations. I also want to give thanks to Akela who basically gave me only a few requirements and just told me to do this as best I could.

I also wanted to thank every author who signed up and responded emphatically to my posts on Facebook beginning authors to allow me to art for them. Currently, I have a facebook group with 38 members and a list of stories to do art for as long as my arm.  If you want to join you can do so here.

Make sure to give some love to Akela’s  fantastic story and if you are interested I got some nice wallpapers and social media swag available here as well.

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